Lil' Red Dress Project

The Lil’ Red Dress Project’s team of volunteers creates beaded “red dress” pins, and earrings to sell via events, and online. Proceeds from sales go towards the costs of creating & installing missing person/educational signage on Vancouver Island.  The Lil’ Red Dress Project was co-founded by Jeannine Lindsay and Carla Voyageur - combining a shared love for beading, and a desire to create more attention for the #MMIWG issue. They will deliver an informational session with background on the project, current activities, and future plans. Workshop will include a collaborative hands-on activity, in addition to sharing of resources, and tangible ideas for implementation.


$ 30.00
Payable at registration.

to cover cost of materials


A113 Friday 10:15 AM - 2:45 PM
Room 96 (Library)

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  • Jeannine Lindsay
  • Carla Voyageur